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To confirm the diagnosis of basalioma, it is necessary to detect the corresponding tumor cells. They can be obtained by scraping off dead scales, making a smear-imprint or performing a biopsy.

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Scraping the walls of the tumor makes sense when dead tissue is present on them. A smear imprint is performed if there is access to the bottom of the tumor, which is usually typical for an ulcerative form. A biopsy is carried out either with an unchanged surface of the tumor, or if other methods have been unsuccessful.

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The biopsy is performed in a treatment room under aseptic conditions. For this manipulation, weak anesthesia with inhalation drugs is performed or not performed at all. The puncture is carried out in the following way. The tumor is fixed with the fingers of Tricor pills. An empty syringe with a hollow needle at the end is inserted with the right hand to the middle of the tumor. The advancement of the needle from the edge of the tumor to the center should be accompanied by its rotation. Upon reaching the center of the tumor, the syringe plunger is retracted, after which the needle is removed. .

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Then, with a sharp push, the contents of the needle are thrown onto the glass slide and spread through it with the help of another cover glass. With a sufficient amount of biopsy, several samples are made. The thinner the layer of the substance on the glass, the better the prepared samples and the more likely it is to establish the correct diagnosis. In the treatment of basal cell carcinoma, drug and radiation therapy, as well as surgical removal of the tumor, are used. Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages and is used on the basis of well-defined indications. However, the prognosis of treatment depends not only on the chosen method of treatment, but also on the characteristics and size of Fenofibrate 160 mg - 200 mg, its location, concomitant diseases, etc. .

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Is there an effective drug treatment for basalioma?

What are the signs of evilqualitative tumor growth?

It is rather difficult, using only clinical landmarks, to establish the moment at which a precancerous skin disease degenerates into a basalioma.

The clearest criteria exist regarding the malignancy of nevi (moles).


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  • In the English-language medical literature, there is an easily remembered complex for recognizing degenerate moles. The name of this complex of fenofibrate is an abbreviation of the first letters of the symptoms and sounds like the first 5 letters of the English alphabet - ABCDE.

  • A - asymmetry (asymmetry) - any mole that has a benign course in 95% of cases is always symmetrical. The exception is birthmarks, which can have intricate contours and still remain harmless.

  • B - border (border) - the edges of the mole are usually even and smooth. The appearance of tricor pills, sores or scales on them indicates the beginning of malignancy.

  • C - color (color) - benign papilloma is always the same shade over its entire surface. The appearance of more or less pigmented islands on the surface of the tumor indicates its malignant transformation.

  • D - diameter ( diameter) - this parameter is the least accurate and most likely misleading many, however, it is believed that a tumor up to 6 mm in size is most likely benign, and if this indicator is exceeded, the possibility of its degeneration increases.

  • E - progression (tricor) - rapid growth is a characteristic feature of malignant tumors. A benign tumor can normally increase by 1-2 mm per year. When is surgery to remove a tumor needed?

  • Basalioma is a tumor successfully amenable to surgical treatment with a fairly low percentage of postoperative recurrences. Therefore, this type of treatment is preferred at any stage of basal cell carcinoma. However, small tumors (T1 and T2) can be treated, including targeted radiation therapy or topical chemotherapy drugs. Such tumors can be cured with only one type of therapy. Tumor sizes corresponding to stages T3 and T4 are an indication for the combined use of radiation and surgical treatment. The goal of surgical treatment is excision and complete removal of the tumor.

  • The operation to remove the basalioma should be performed in the operating room under aseptic conditions. The type of anesthesia depends on the expected volume of surgery, the location of the tumor and the general condition of the patient.

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  • Local infiltrative and conduction anesthesia is performed in patients on average up to 55-60 years old with a tumor located on the trunk and extremities.

  • The size of the tumor should not exceed 10 mm.

  • For larger tumors with presumed involvement of underlying structures, spinal anesthesia is performed.

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